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Meet the Team

James Ludwiczak

Jim received his Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968.  He joined the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Monroeville, PA, and later obtained his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh in 1979. He retired from the Westinghouse Research Laboratory in Churchill, PA, after 27 years of service while holding various engineering and managerial positions. Since retirement, he has been active in various feed the hungry programs in Pittsburgh and Fort Pierce, Florida. He joined the Board of The Mary Grace Hospice Foundation in 2012 because he felt a strong desire to provide comfort to patients in their final stage of life.

Christine Oswald

Christine Oswald, President and CFO of Interim HealthCare, has become a successful executive in the home health space with over 25 years of leadership and support to Interim HealthCare. Throughout her tenure, she has risen to lead the largest franchise group within the Interim HealthCare network, with more than 60 offices spanning the five states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Christine is responsible for the oversight of company functions such as operations, finances, clinical excellence, information technology, and human resources. Due to her dedication and passion for providing high-quality in-home care services, she has helped make it possible to provide crucial and lifesaving at-home health services to over 25,000 patients in the region.

Delia Hook
Board Member

An enthusiastic nursing advocate with over 40 years of experience as a registered nurse, Delia holds a Bachelor's degree from LaRoche College and a Master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout her illustrious career, she primarily served at Interim HealthCare Pittsburgh, Inc., and later, at the Regional Management Center, consistently in leadership and executive roles.

Working alongside exceptional and dedicated professionals who shared the belief that people prefer to stay in their homes whenever possible, Delia contributed significantly to this mission. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in establishing eight home care agencies and three hospices, facilitating care for thousands of patients in the comfort of their homes.  Delia assisted in the creation of The Mary Grace Hospice Foundation,  and was nominated to the Board in 2023.

Tom DiMarco
Chief Executive Officer

tom headshot.jpeg

Barbara O'Connor
Board Member

Barbara has been a truly valued member of the Mary Grace Hospice Foundation family since 2012.

MaryAnn Powers
Board Member

Maryann has dedicated 30 years to the medical field, and recently retired as a surgical office manager. Following the upbringing of her children, she made a return to education and earned a certification as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). Subsequently, Maryann began her journey in a Primary Care office and later transitioned to a Breast Surgeon's office, specializing in the treatment of breast cancer and other breast-related diseases. She served as the office manager for a remarkable 26 years, assisting patients who faced critical end-of-life decisions.

Maryann has actively served as a board member of The Mary Grace Hospice Foundation since its inception and is looking forward to continuing the mission of providing support to patients and their families as they navigate the challenges associated with end-of-life issues.

Tom DiMarco has been a noteworthy leader in the home health and hospice industries, with a long tenure of nearly 40 years at Interim HealthCare. As CEO of the largest franchise within the Interim HealthCare network, he is responsible for the success and strategic planning of over 60 offices across five states, ensuring the organization maintains its legacy of providing high-quality care to the communities it serves for over half a century now.

Along with his professional work, Tom is an avid philanthropist, becoming a well-known humanitarian in the Midwest region. He and his wife, Ann, are deeply involved with a variety of organizations such as A Kid Again, the Maria Tiberi Foundation, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the OhioHealth Foundation’s bereavement programs, and many more.

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