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Remembering  Mary Grace

The Mary Grace Hospice Foundation, established in 2012 in memory of Mary Grace Goslin DiGiorgi, honors the legacy of a remarkable nurse who dedicated her 30-year career to serving children and making a positive impact on their lives. Mary Grace's lifelong commitment to caring for "the little ones" was evident in her work and interactions with her patients, as well as her advocacy for their well-being. 


Mary Grace's educational background includes attending Mount Mercy Academy in Oakland, The Braddock School of Nursing and Duquesne University where she received a bachelor's degree in nursing. During the initial 15 years of her nursing career, Mary Grace served at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh in various capacities, including the nursing director of the intensive care unit. Her dedication and clinical expertise were recognized and admired by her colleagues and patients. Later, Mary Grace joined Interim HealthCare as a Home Care Supervisor, where she supervised both adult and pediatric ventilator-dependent clients.


Her genuine passion for pediatrics shined through, and because of her strong leadership, problem-solving abilities, and clinical skills, she became the Vice President of Pediatrics at Interim HealthCare of Pittsburgh Inc. Under her guidance, she developed one of the largest home care pediatric programs in the nation, driven by her belief that patients, particularly children, thrive best in the comfort of their homes. 

Mary Grace's impact extended beyond her clinical expertise. She emphasized the importance of treating each patient as an individual, recognizing their unique needs, dreams, and desires. She championed the inclusion of technology-dependent children in school systems and collaborated with the Make-A-Wish foundation to fulfill the wishes of her patients. Her approach also emphasized involving, appreciating, and supporting family members and caregivers.  She taught us how to demonstrate a non-judgmental attitude toward the lifestyles of the patients and families, as long as they provided love and safe care. 

Mary Grace was not only a skilled nurse but also a supportive advocate for her paraprofessional staff. She prioritized the education and development of her colleagues, maintaining high standards while also offering guidance and support. Her influence went beyond the medical field—she was an Irish step dance champion during her college years and had a zest for life that she shared with everyone around her.


 At the age of 56, Mary Grace was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite her two-year battle with the disease, she continued to exude joy and wisdom, emphasizing the inherent worth of all individuals, regardless of age, and the privilege of supporting them in their times of need. 


The Mary Grace Hospice Foundation was established to commemorate Mary Grace's extraordinary life and contributions. It stands as a testament to her dedication to children, her commitment to holistic patient care, and her impact on both the medical community and those fortunate enough to have known her. The foundation carries forward her legacy by continuing to support and uplift individuals in their times of need, just as Mary Grace did throughout her career.

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