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Your Inquiries Answered

How can The Mary Grace Foundation help me? 

From gifting a book all the way to providing financial relief. The possibilities are endless, we want to help bring comfort and peace, whatever that means for you or your loved one.

What criteria do I have to meet in order to receive help? 

Whoever the request is for must have a life-limiting disease or illness, this does not mean that they have to be terminal or on hospice care.

I want to help, how can I do that? 

Our goal is to serve as many people as possible! In order to do that, people need to know who we are. Head over to our Facebook page and share our content or share this website.

How do I submit a request?

Great question! In order to submit a request head over to our request page, and fill out the necessary questions. Once you submit your request one of our team members will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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